Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sleepy Hippo!

We have a very sleepy little hippo on our hands!

He must have had a very relaxing bath....

...and happy dreams!

Hey! I'm awake! I was just resting my eyes...

Aaaaaand back out.

Cute feet!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Injured...Injured Bad

Miss Lola hurt her leg. And, okay, she isn't "injured bad" but whenever I hear the word "injured" I can't help but think of the commercial with the little boy...

Did you watch it? It is one of my favorites...

Moving on... Lola hurt herself romping around like a maniacal maniac so, poor girl, she has been sequestered to the indoors which means.... to the couch.

She is really having a hard time adjusting to this and I hope it doesn't cause her any long-term psychological damage.

The real problem? How we are ever going to get our couch back once she has recovered 100%.

You think I'm giving this back?! Pffffffffft!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Dogs

Snow, snow, snow!!!

We have a few serious snow dogs... primarily Kohana (the husky... clearly a snow lover) and Mabel (the St. Bernard who pants at the door when it is about 20 degrees outside).

Lola (the Great Dane) loves to play with the other dogs in the snow but is not a snow lover. She says it is because she is too dainty, thin, and short-haired but I know it is just because she wants to commandeer a spot on the sofa before anyone else can. I'm onto her games!

Being the baby of the pack, Miss Mabel is the most rambunctious of all the dogs. Add snow to the picture and she's out. of. control. Her favorite playmates? Lola and Franklin. Lola because she truly loves to romp and play with her. Franklin because she just annoys the bajesus outta him and she likes for him to chase after her.

Mission accomplished.

Ummmm, will someone help me!?!? This guy's gone crazy!!"

Do you think she knows she outweighs him by about 115 pounds???