Monday, November 30, 2009

Charleston, South Carolina : : Part One

DM and I were fortunate enough to go down to Charleston for a wedding a few weeks ago.

Before heading home, we went around downtown Charleston. If you haven't been, it is absolutely beautiful.

The weather wasn't the greatest that day, but that didn't stop us!

The homes, as you can see, are absolutely stunning. I am officially in love.

If only I could buy a house in downtown Charleston, across from the water, with enough acreage for all of the animals..... *sigh*.....

Although I love it, and think it is beautiful.... DM is OBSESSED!

He wants to move.... REALLY wants to move down there....

He loves the water. And the history. And the ambiance.

He loves it all.

And you can't help but admit that it is pretty fabulous.

It still has the charm of a small town though it is fairly large and it certainly has all of the amenities you could ask for.

Plus, it is chocked full of history.

I think spring and fall are perfect times to visit.... The summer? Well, it gets a tad bit toasty...

Thanksgiving : A Reflection

Here at Three Dogs Animal Sanctuary, we hope that everyone had a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Despite the troubles of the day and of our world, we all have things for which we should be thankful.

Me? I'm thankful I don't always have to survive my entire extended family being in the kitchen with me sticking their fingers in the pie, tearing off chunks of turkey, and opening the oven fifty million times. :)

But then again, I'm easy to please...

One of the things I love most about Thanksgiving is spending time with old friends. Everyone who lives near and far congregates and spends time together and we reminisce about the old days.

Now, only 1 month until we do it again!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Preparation Day

Dogs: Hey, whattya doin' in there besides NOT cleaning these windows?

Me: Well, tomorrow is Thanksgiving which means I will spend all day today in the kitchen preparing to spend all day the kitchen.

Dogs: Do you hear that?! It is Thanksgiving! I don't know what that is, but I think I saw her bring in a turkey. Mmmmmm, I love turkey!

Me: What you talkin' bout Willis? You've never even had any turkey.

Dogs: That's what you think.

Dogs: Listen up, everybody! Maybe if we look really cute and are on our best behavior she will give us some turkey! We should spend today practicing...

Annabelle: Seriously. Clean this window. It is embarrassing.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We're Baaaack

It has been over a month since my last post! YIKES! I can't believe it!

And it isn't like I haven't had anything to post about. To the contrary, we've been amazingly busy. In addition to work and running the farm, we've had two weddings, a funeral, we've been to the coast of NC and to the southern coast of SC, made trips to the vet, a million trips to the feed store, replenished our hay supply, tracked down two run away dogs, survived the swine flu, and I've even climbed down into the sewer to rescue DM's beloved iPhone.

So, there is no excuse for my lack of posting. Except for the flu + rainy weather + tending to the animals = I barely had enough energy to lift my head. But still, no legitimate excuse!

I hope all is well and I am looking very forward to the holiday season.