Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Charleston, South Carolina : : Part Two

I repeat. Charleston. Is. Beautiful.

It is a photographer's dream - Even on the rainy day I saw no fewer than 4 professional photographers out within a 3 block area.

I love this photo! What a precious pup!!

We chose a random restaurant for lunch. We ended up wandering into the SouthEnd Brewery.

They provide crayons for children (apparently of all ages) to express themselves on the tables.

So. We did.

My turkey in honor of Thanksgiving. A true masterpiece. It was quite delicious!

I miss it already!


  1. What great pikhs!

    Tank woo fur sharing them!

    NOW, would woo have shared that makh and cheese?


  2. Mom and Dad work at Boeing, who is building a big plant in Charleston. They are asking for volunteers to go down there. Maybe they should volunteer!


  3. We will be down in that area the week after Christmas - and will certainly be wandering around there a day or two. Can't Wait.