Thursday, October 1, 2009

Guess What Time It Is!


Let me just give you a little background. Pointless background, I'm sure you will soon discover.

The other morning, I had to go get dog food (a common occurrence). On the way I decided that I would really love a piping hot breakfast from Biscuitville. (Don't have a Biscuitville in your area? You have never heard of Biscuitville? Well, I am very, very sorry. I lament for you. It is a fast food chain that serves nothing but breakfast here in the southeast. They are only open until 2 p.m. and they are delicious).

At our old house, we were about 3 minutes away from this restaurant. But here in the stix? It is a 30 minute drive to the nearest. So, obviously, this was a worthwhile excursion for a $3.00 breakfast!

Anyway, all of this is leading up to what I saw on the way to Biscuitville. A sign at a local hardware store.

Guess what time it is?

That's right. Opossum stew time. Grab your spoons (forks?) ladies and gentlemen!


  1. Funny... the clock at our house doesn't have Opossum Stew time on it.......

  2. That is too funny. Wonder if they need any opussums, lots of them on the road around here.

    Hope you enjoyed your breakfast, and no, none here:(

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  3. If I see any, do woo want me to ship 'em your way?