Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Poor Miss Winnie

Remember the other day when I posted about Winnie? And we discussed (aka all agreed) that she is cute and cuddly and adorable?

Well, she still is.

But, Monday evening..... well, Monday evening Miss Winnie got into a little scuffle.

That resulted in quite a significant puncture wound, a trip to the emergency vet, a surgical procedure including anesthesia, a 7 inch drain which extends out the side of her body, and several stitches.

Poor, poor Winnie. Poor, poor precious Winnie.

She is a trooper but she is very uncomfortable and unhappy. She has to wear an e-collar - which is incredibly necessary but pathetic because she runs into things and, let's face it, just seems more sad and pathetic. She has to be separated from her siblings (and her momma) for 14 days! And she must be confined to a kennel for... 14 days! Not allowed outside on her own for... you guessed it... 14 days! This is quite a big deal for us, I might add. Our dogs are fortunate to have the run of our household. When the weather is nice (or just whenever they feel like it) they are outside. Otherwise, they are inside. To be constantly confined, separated from family, and restricted to very brief leash walks is quite a change.

I neglected all other duties today and stayed by her side. She tries so hard to fight sleep (one of her medications causes drowsiness) though she basically just sits and stares at me and whimpers. It is torture. Eventually she gives in and will lay down and sleep.

We did give her a new toy today. Under normal circumstances, this type of toy would last mere seconds in our household but she is not in a destructive frame of mind. I put it in her collar thinking she would A) bite it or B) duck her head and drop it on the ground. She did neither. So I took pictures. And then felt guilty. But, I love the little booger and couldn't help myself!

13 days to go!

Wistful for Winnie,


  1. RutRoh!

    That doesn't read well!

    We hope her days go by khwikhkly!


  2. Oh, Miss Winnie, we are so sorry. We hope you get better quickly.

    P.S. - The cone can get you maximum sympathy treats for the next 14 days. Trust us on this one.

  3. Oh, no! HEAL, Winnie! HEAL!
    Hope you are able to rest, despite the lampshade on your head.

  4. Poor Winnie - hope time flies and that things get better for her.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  5. Poor Winnie. Mom says I should learn a lesson from her situation as I tend to be a bit bossy and not always nice (which is why we can't invite other dogs over and I can't go to the dog park unless it's empty).

    I hope the next 13 days fly by for you.

  6. Oh yes, poor poor Winnie. Hope things heal up soon and all will be forgotten.