Saturday, September 26, 2009

Oh, Italy... How I Miss You

Yesterday I made a big mistake. Huge mistake. Massively huge gargantuan mistake.

I watched about 1 1/2 straight hours of Food Network.

All three shows (Paula Deen, Giada, and Barefoot Contessa) were showcasing herbs and Italian foods.

And it made me... A. Want to consume an entire weeks worth of calories in one sitting.
B. Go back to Italy.

Oh man, did it make me want to visit Italy again.

Did I tell you that is where DM and I went on our honeymoon?

It was fabulous. Magnificent. Extraordinary. Tremendous. Remarkable. Extraordinary. Amazing.
If you ever get the chance to go to Italy... please take it. I beg you. You won't regret it.

The food. THE FOOD. Oh my goodness gracious, the food. You can stop at any restaurant you pass while walking the streets and it is absolutely delicious. Despite the fact that we walked a bajillion miles a day (and literally almost died while hiking along the coast) I still managed to gain 10 pounds.

The views. THE VIEWS. It is so beautiful.

The history. THE HISTORY. Awe-inspiring.

The art. THE ART. It is so magnificent I can't even put it into words.

The pictures you are currently viewing were taken in Rome. It is fascinating... a bustling city built around ancient ruins. There is so much history to be seen... oh, and the Vatican. The Vatican left me speechless. To see the unbelievable art and to view the Sistine Chapel in person... I have no words. Other than, do your best to go and see it yourself!!

I repeat: You won't regret it. Or maybe this is just the crazy rantings of someone who is going through caprese withdrawal... I plead the 5th. And someone get me some mozzarella. STAT!


  1. And without even knowing about this, Mom had an Italian hoagie with extra Italian kholdkhuts on it fur dinner tonight!

    She would love to go to Italy someday - of khourse, I'd have to go with her which reduces her chances at going!

    I guess we'll live vikhariously thru WOO!

    Tank woo fur sharing these great pikhs and memories!


  2. We've only been to Rome but it was fabulous! We were planning to go back to Tuscany, but our trip was scheduled for September 13, 2001. Oh, well...

    Thanks for visiting my blog ( I was so interested to hear your horse is terrified of goats. We had wondered how ours would react, and he doesn't seem to mind them at all. He has kicked them a couple of times, unfortunately, when they tried to get his food, but they learned pretty quick not to do that...

    Love your blog!

  3. I refer to the three years I lived in Belgium as "Eating My Way Through Europe". :) Only two quick visits to Venice, but I made the most of the time there!
    Karen - mom of the Ao4