Monday, September 21, 2009

w i n n i e

Hi, my name is Winnie! I am cute and cuddly and adorable... as you can see.

This is my mom, Annabelle. You read about her recently. ... She is a wonderful momma dog! I also have a biological brother, Oliver, and a sister named Tippy. We were found at a nearby farm and Tippy went to live with the owners of the farm where we were found. She loves it there! But I get to terrorize my brother Oliver on a daily basis :)

I love it here! I have lots of adopted brothers and sisters I can play with!! One of my absolute FAVORITE activities is....

Licking the other dogs' mouths!! It is so much fun! Primarily because it gets on their nerves... and what would a little sister be if she didn't try to get on everyone's nerves?!

I am definitely a tomboy! This picture... this picture is deceiving. It makes it look like I was doing something bad... like digging in the back yard which resulted in dirt all over me. But, umm, obviously I was not digging. Nope, definitely not digging. Definitely not doing anything bad. Nope! Not me! I am the definition of good behavior- no matter what the photographic evidence is!

Man, now I'm embarrassed that you caught me doing something bad....

Okay! I'm over it! Time to play!



  1. Hi Winnie, aren't you just so cute! We know all about getting accused of digging. You are totally innocent. And we love all your photos:)

    Woos, the OP Pack

  2. What nice photos of a special khanine having FUN!


  3. Isn't being the little sister FUN!?!?
    Those are GREAT pictures!

  4. Wnnie, you're adorable. And I'm sure you never dig. Me neither, of course. Despite any evidence Mom may have.