Thursday, September 17, 2009

Are you ready for some football?

Well, are you?

Let me fill you in a little bit on my football background... I don't have one. My high school didn't have a football team. We did not ogle the football players as they walked through the halls because... there weren't any football players. (And if my small school had created a football team- we would have been terrible and pathetic and therefore the football players still wouldn't have been revered). I have two brothers... but they are much older than I am and certainly didn't include their younger sister in football viewing activities. Even if they had tried, I would have scoffed and said "NO WAY!" Growing up, football was as much a part of my life as trying to catch a unicorn.. while flying through the air in a rainbow hovercraft... while wearing lederhosen... and eating brussel sprouts. *Shudder*

But then I met DM. A football player. And suddenly, I was dragged kicking and screaming gloriously swept off my feet and led into football land.

Recently I saw a cup that said "We interrupt this MARRIAGE to bring you FOOTBALL SEASON!" I want that cup. I have never felt a stronger connection with a quote than I do with the one on that little plastic cup.

I don't, however, mind attending football games. Which is precisely what we did last Sunday when we went to Charlotte to watch the Carolina Panthers (our team) take on the Philadelphia Eagles.(Oh, and really I don't mind watching football games when it is cold or rainy or yucky outside or when I'm bored... but shhhhh, don't tell).
I quite like our seats. We are close enough to the game to keep my attention... (which DM can certainly attest to my faulty attention span during sporting events)

This is Sir Purr. I love Sir Purr. Mainly because he is cuddly and cute- which is why I typically like all mascots. Also why I really struggled when I considered attending the University of Richmond. Their mascot? The Spiders. I don't know how you feel- but I certainly didn't think that Black Widow I found the other day was very cute and cuddly.

The players exiting their tunnel... fireworks, machismo, and excitement galore!

One thing I definitely do like... the flyovers. At least during the first game of the season they will have a flyover immediately preceding the game. It is really great! Except for that one time when we were running late and were still walking to the stadium when they flew by... It was not long after 9/11 and we were walking through downtown Charlotte... and WOOOOOOOOOOOOSH! They do not make much noise until they are directly overhead... and it is LOUD. I nearly jumped out of my skin. And then I felt dumb.

And... okay. Let me get my social commentary out of the way. Normally, I will keep my political/social/polarizing/etc opinions to myself and out of the blog. But I am going to make an exception here- and I hope you forgive me for it.

Because this?

This is how I feel. I am NOT a fan of Michael Vick. Not at all.

I will keep my real rants about it to myself...

Moving on...

Did anyone see this game?

If you did not see this game- let me tell you how it went. It was AWESOME! We won by a million points!

If you did see this game... well... umm... it didn't go so well. I mean, started off great! But went downhill from there. As in downhill from the peak of Mt. Everest.

But look! We did score one touchdown in the beginning!

This guy was absolutely enthralled with the game. He was cheering, and jumping, and screaming, and possibly doing ninja kicks in the air. The only problem is that he was supposed to be watching the crowd to maintain order. I think he is just a smart fan who found himself a gig that lets him be on the field!

This little girl was too precious not to snap a photo of! Look how cute she is!!

This gentleman has his face painted every game. EVERY game.

This gentleman... well, he was not pleased with the performance of his team. Not pleased at all, I tell ya.
This just made me laugh. He too was in charge of maintaining order but instead chose to spend much of the time presumably checking text messages. I will say this... it kind of makes me happy to know that the security peeps feel comfortable enough with the crowd to relax.

It's football season... marriage interrupted.


  1. Well, your rant would be welkhomed HERE!

    My mom is no longer a fan of HER team bekhause of him...

    AND bekhause the league pawmitted him bakhk in, there is no NFL in this house...

    Tank woo fur sharing your day - that khat looks like some fun!


  2. Long time season ticket holder for the Panthers here, but gave them up a few years ago (my father's health prevented him from going any more). But despite that fandom, I have watched exactly NO NFL so far this year because of the Vick thing. So I guess that is my political side.

  3. Our Momster is not a football fan, but Dad is. Momster and Dad are both not fans of M. Vick.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  4. Great pictures! We cheer for college football only because no one in our house is much of a follower of the Pros.