Friday, October 15, 2010

Installing New Floors :: Dos

Let's see... where did we last leave off in our epic journey of do-it-yourselfness?? Ahh, yes.. we had cleared the room of all furniture, we inspected the filth of the carpet, and we discussed my pension to live more like a pre-schooler than someone of my actual age. Let's continue, shall we??

The gross carpet is on its way out!

See? Look, we are loading it in the truck!

No more carpet! Step 1 complete!

Actually, it isn't really step 1. It would really be, like step 50...but whatever.

Who wears loafers with basketball shorts and an NFL t-shirt? That guy. Sorry, ladies, he's taken! Please refrain from writing love letters trying to woo him away. It won't work!

Where's Baxter? Oh, there he is... on the couch... what a shock! As usual, he is providing no help whatsoever! What does he think this is? Just some place he can live in air conditioning, lounge around all day without putting any effort into anything, be petted and loved on constantly, and be provided with the finest food, water, and medical attention? Oh wait....

The floor is going in!!!

So much progress has been made!

Still a lot to do but it is looking good!