Thursday, August 19, 2010

NC Wine Festival

Occasionally... occasionally... we get off the farm and out on the town. Occasionally.

Back in May (I know... May... it is pushing late August but I couldn't post this before! I'm playing catch up!) we went to the North Carolina Wine Festival with a couple of friends.

These are our friends. J and D. We spend a fair amount of time with them, actually. J isn't an overwhelming animal lover so it must be my winning personality and fabulous wit that keeps him around. I've known J since middle school. We've seen each other in our gawkiest of phases and yet he doesn't cringe at the sight of my face. It's a miracle!!

Moving on.... it was super duper hot that day. DM and I hadn't yet told anyone of the growing bambino so it is fortunate that I'm not a wine drinker or it would have most definitely caused suspicion.

This sangria, however, did look mighty refreshing as I stood in the blistering sun. Too bad for me!!

I think everyone else had a marvelous time, however. They definitely enjoyed all of the different wines from the region. And I definitely enjoyed the Italian Ice cart that was set up on the outskirts of the festival. And then we all enjoyed listening to a little Chairman of the Board who played that afternoon.

DM felt a little guilty tasting all of the wine with me standing there watching glass after glass after glass go down. But deep down, I know he loves the fact that he has an automatic Designated Driver!

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  1. Oh the memories I have (and don't have) from some past wine festivals!