Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summertime Wedding

This past weekend we attended the nuptials of a close friend.

I love going to different weddings... seeing the individual personalities of the bride (and groom?) come alive through their decoration choices. Choices like this:

Mason jars. I, myself, am a huge fan of using mason jars for different events so my bias may be getting in the way. :) I loved them! They were used as vases at the reception as well as glasses to serve the water and sweet tea. Plus, they were party favors in the sense that you were able to keep your drink jar!

This year has been filled with weddings for us and most of them have been "my" friends. That is sort of an inaccurate statement, I suppose, because after being together for (almost) 8 years I don't think DM and I truly have friends that are 100% his or 100% mine.... but you know what I mean. I think. Do you? I hope so. Oh well. Moving on. The great thing for DM is that this wedding was for "his" friend Mike and therefore he was able to see a few high school buddies. This is Mike:

This is Mike at the rehearsal dinner wearing what can only be described as the best.shirt.ever. Also? If you are wondering, he cut the sleeves off because it looks awesome.

(If you don't catch that reference then you obviously don't have a husband that forces you to spend three-quarters of your life watching football or football related material and therefore you are not bombarded with football related commercials. P.S. If you can't tell, I'm super excited that the season of molding our lives around what games are going to be on TV is here. Please send help.)

Back to the non-complainy story!

As I was saying, it's great for DM to spend time with friends. I know he has a great time. It is so great to see him having such a great time. Great!

The blonde one? I have quite a few pictures of him from the weekend. And would he smile for me? No. Would he typically give me weird, creepy stares just to ruin the picture? Yes. So, I only have a very select few that are somewhat decent. He must be getting me back for that time I took pictures of him throwing up in the surrounding water after a particularly rambunctious tubing session one afternoon out on the lake.


More wedding photos to come!!

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