Tuesday, June 16, 2009

f r a n k l i n

What can I say about Franklin? He is spunky and energetic, fun and playful, loving and affectionate, adoring and devoted, intelligent and curious, courageous and protective, and maybe a wee-bit bossy. :)

After living in a new city for only a few months, DM and I decided we should get another dog.

Well, not exactly...

We went to the shelter and played with several precious pups. But, "Buster" (later re-named Franklin) won me over. DM, however, needed more convincing. First of all, we did not need another dog. Secondly, "Buster" was a small, funny looking Dachshund mix (and DM didn't like small dogs). Eventually DM relented and Buster came home with us. The night was spent brainstorming for new names and Franklin officially became part of the "family."

Originally, Franklin adored DM and paid me no attention whatsoever. One fateful day I was home sick and Franklin's affections turned towards me and he has never looked back. He follows me everywhere I go. He is my sidekick. Always at my side (currently curled up against me snoozing and snoring) and always around to lift our spirits and make us laugh. He has personality in spades. He is always the favorite of friends and family who visit. He is smart as a whip and has amazing intuition concerning human emotion. Also, DM is convinced he can understand English and see through walls. ;)

Franklin is the fearless and courageous leader of our pack. The alpha dog. He views his role is to keep all of the other dogs in line. Oh, and to steal their toys. He is a big fan of that. DM and I laugh a lot at the big dogs that let him boss them around and literally let him take the toys right out of their mouths.

Franklin is a fantastic dog. He truly is the most devoted dog I have ever seen. I am so glad we were able to bring him home and give him a better life. I can only hope we have improved his life half as much as he has improved ours.

Oh, and by the way, DM likes small dogs now. :)



  1. We saw you over on The Chronicle of Woos so we thought we'd drop by and say "arrrooo". Our Dad didn't like small dogs either until Mom convinced (more like begged for several years) him to get her a Scottish Terrier. Now he loves us!!! We are big dogs in small bodies.

    Have a fantastic evening and please stop by and visit us sometime.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  2. What's not to love?!? Ha rooo! I met two Dachsies last night; they were pretty cool little dudes!
    Play bows,

  3. We always find a way to weasel and waggle into your hearts!


  4. Have you met Lorenza the dachsie yet? She is one sweet pup. Nice to meet Franklin and he sure sounds like a super pup too.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack