Monday, June 29, 2009

r o c k y

Rocky has been in DM's life longer than any of our other dogs. DM rescued him from the Union County Animal Shelter in the spring of 2002 while he was a in a dorm. In September of 2002 the housing department must have spent thousands of dollars on spy equipment to catch DM and his elusive dog (read: Rocky spent his days staring out the open dorm window barking at birds). Somehow they caught him. It remains a mystery to this day. They gave DM 48 hours to get rid of Rocky. DM's maternal grandparents came to the rescue and opened their heart and home to this large, loud, and hyperactive dog. They would take Rocky and give him a temporary home until the end of the summer when he would return to being DM's responsibility. As the end of summer neared, it became clear to DM that his grandparents had fallen in love with Rocky (and obviously vice versa) and he did not want to take him away from them. He continued to see Rocky and play with him when he would visit his grandparents. forward to September 2006...

If you've ever met Rocky you know that he is a large dog. In September of '06 he weighed about 120 lbs. But Rocky is not a large lazy dog. He is a large hyper dog that has no concept of his size. This became difficult for his grandparents and they made the very tough decision for Rocky to come and live with us. It was a very difficult decision for them to make but at the same time they were happy he would be living with DM again and that he would have (at the time) 3 brothers to play with.

Since Rocky has moved in, he has decided that although he is the oldest of our pups he wants to pretend he is the youngest and continue to be the definition of hyperactivity. He is always happy and wagging his tail and he is our only dog that loves water. We put a kiddie pool out specifically for him during the summer so that he can splash around and cool off after running around in the heat (the other dogs just think it is a huge water bowl). Although he is getting a little gray around the muzzle he is definitely young at heart and we are glad to have him in our lives.

"Let me in!"

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  1. What a great story! Rocky looks like a lot of fun!
    Play bows,