Wednesday, August 5, 2009

b l u e

Meet Blue. He is a new member of our family. Blue is a 29 year old (in other words, quite and elderly fellow) Quarter Horse that belonged to the previous owners of our new home.

When we were in the process of purchasing the home, they were concerned with where Blue would live and asked us if we would like to take him and allow him to continue living here. We did not want to disrupt the life of this peaceful little guy if we didn't have to and so we agreed.

In a previous life, Blue was a Hunter/Jumper. I believe his show name was "Rock's Cutter Blue" though I do not have any of his papers and I am not 100% sure of that. He lived here all by his lonesome and I think he is very happy to have a couple of equine companions now. Horses are herd animals by nature and many of them do not do well alone. Blue, however, seemed to manage fine over the years but he seems to be keen on having friends.

For those of you wondering what is on his face... it is called a fly mask. It is see through (so he isn't blind-folded out there!) but it keeps the flies out of his eyes.


  1. That was furry furry nice of woo!

    He's a handsome horsedoggie!


  2. You guys are the best! That fly mask is pretty cool - I'll bet he really appreciates that!
    How much room does he take up in the bed?

  3. I love horses! I just want to play with them but for some reason, Mom says no.