Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summertime Brews Festival

We had an exceptionally busy weekend. First of all, I decided that living in the country means that I must have a vegetable garden. But I will document that adventure later...

On Saturday, there was a beer festival in town. DM was so excited, he could hardly contain himself.
Seriously, he talked about it for weeks in anticipation. Plus, how wonderful is it for him that he has me as a built-in designated driver?

If I counted correctly, they had 238 beers represented at the festival. Basically, DM's dreams came true.

If you have not been to a festival like this before, let me explain how it works. Each beer is available to be sampled by the consumer. At entry, everyone is given a small glass and the brewers dole out 2 ounce samples. But, to be honest, many of them were giving out 2-4 ounces...

2 ounces may not seem like much but repeated regularly certainly adds up! Let me demonstrate...

DM tasted over 150 beers... he did the math... it was the equivalent to drinking 30 beers! In two hours!! Yikes!

Personally, I thought this was clever. They had a keg inside the back of the VW Beetle and a tap that extended through the trunk.

Plus, it had a wheat mohawk. What could be better than that?

Since I was not sampling beers, I was camera happy. I was also fascinated by how many people decided to wear t-shirts revolving around beers. I could literally make a book from how many photos I took of beer t-shirts!
Then I ran into this guy... he noticed that I was taking pictures but was upset that he was not wearing a beer t-shirt... So he said, "Will this work?"

And lifted his shirt to reveal a Jack Daniels tattoo.

He was a very young fellow and all I could think was "Your mamma must be so sad..."

This sort of made me giggle. It was a steel drums band ...

She was serious about her love of hops and barley.

Beer... everywhere

As the day came to a close I thought...I hope they recycle!


  1. Wow! Well... OK, how does this sound? I've heard Mom talk about the beer gardens she and dad went to in Germany when they lived in Europe. Maybe you could plant one of those instead of a veggie garden!
    Just an idea!
    Play bows,

  2. My mom has been to some beer festivals here in our town!

    They are lots of fun!

    She'll try any beer once sooooo she would welkhome your DD service!

    Tank woo fur sharing!


  3. We went to a festival like that here in Seattle last year. They have a 5K called the Brew-Ha-Ha and then there is also a beer garden. So we did the Brew-Ha-Ha with Mom and Dad and then stood around with Mom while Dad did lots of tasting.