Thursday, August 13, 2009


This dog?

I love this dog.

He warms my heart.

The familiar lump of red fur in the middle of the floor is the happiest of sights. The recognizable thump of his tail hitting the floor as he wags is the most glorious of sounds. He is loyal and kind and reminds me everyday that he is the most trustworthy of dogs. He will sleep peacefully on his bed until you return home. He constantly reassures me that under his watchful eye no mischief or bad behavior will occur.

And then I return home from an errand to find the pizza box on the living room floor curiously devoid of the leftover pizza. And I reminisce on all the times that he reassured me of his impeccable and dependable behavior. And I think...

"Well played, Baxter. Well Played."
For those of you wishing to give Mr. Baxter the benefit of the doubt and wonder how I could possibly know if it was actually he that is guilty for this crime with all of these other critters running around... First of all, I appreciate your way of thinking. I am constantly doling out the benefit of the doubt for all I see. But, unfortunately... he was the only dog inside at the time. Case closed.


  1. Well.... errr.... maybe somepuppy else broke in and stole the pizza, then left! And poor, innocent Bax is there holding the bag. Or ... box, as the case may be.
    Play bows,

  2. Wait, wait. Some squirrel broke in, stole the pizza and then left.

  3. Yep!

    I'm with The Herd...

    This khase has skhwirrel pawed all over it!


  4. I agree with everypup else. You had a squirrel invasion. And poor Mr. Baxter couldn't do anything about it because he was being a good boy and waiting on the bed for your return.