Monday, August 10, 2009

a n n a b e l l e

Meet Annabelle. Dear, sweet, gentle Annabelle.

This precious girl was a stray. She wandered up to a barn with three puppies in tow. At first glance she and the puppies all looked well-fed and healthy. She had a collar on so I offered to take her to my vet and have them all looked over and scanned for a microchip. Certainly her owner would be searching for her!
At closer inspection, her collar was far too tight and she had the remainder of baling twine where she had been tied up. At the vet's office we learned she had heartworms and needed treatment. We proceeded with treatment and continued to look for her owners. Once we had her home, it became obvious that Annabelle had been severely abused. I am constantly in shock that people can be so cruel to animals and I must admit I am especially confounded that someone could treat Annabelle in such a horrible manner. She is literally one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met. She is graceful and deliberate in her movements. She does not run wild in the house- she primarily walks wherever she would like to go indoors. She is quiet and hardly ever makes a peep! She has never given a sign of any behavior that would aggravate.
Her one vice? She does not have any sense of spatial relations and she is definitely devoid of the desire for personal space. Her one love in life is to be loved. She will walk in the house and sit at your feet awaiting pets and kisses. If you stop, she will slowly inch closer until she is in your lap and her face is literally smooshed with force against your cheek. I have thought very seriously about training Annabelle to be a therapy dog. She is so kind and gentle that I think she would be suited perfectly for such a job.
I think due to her upbringing and her time as a stray- she is much more inventive and sufficient outdoors than many of our other dogs. She has shown them how to get out of the heat- find new and cool places to lounge. Because of this, she can be quite elusive...
"Nothin' to see here!"

As I mentioned before, Annabelle wandered up as a young mother (we believe she must have been just one year old when she had her litter) with three puppies. One of the puppies went to live at the barn where she was found. It is a perfect fit! The puppy, Tippy, absolutely loves it there and is a perfect "barn dog." Eventually, it came to be that Annabelle and her two other puppies would reside with us and become part of the family.
Annabelle and her puppies-Oliver (top) and Winnie (left)

We absolutely love this little Border Collie mix and her puppies. They are wonderful dogs and I feel blessed everyday to have such great animals in my life.

"Thhhhhhbbbbppppp! I have a great home now!!"


  1. Oh yes woo do!

    The raspberry sooooooo khonveys that message to the meanies that hurt woo...

    One day...


  2. This family of rescues salutes you Annabelle!. What a great ending to your story.

  3. What a great story! But you left out the part about what a gorgeous babe she is!!!
    Oliver reminds Mom of great-brother Booter! He was the most loyal, loving, best friends you could ever ask for.
    Play bows,

  4. Oh thank you for this beautiful story!!!! You are wonderful to give Annabelle a chance.

    Hugs, the OP Pack

  5. Annabelle sounds like a dream. Her puppies are so cute too! I'm glad she found you.