Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Backyard Football

Backyard football.... is actually inaccurate because it took place in the front yard. Speaking of which, why is "backyard" capable of being one word while "front yard" must be two? Someone please explain this to me. Thank you.

My eldest nephew, F , is quite the little athlete so he and DM tossed the ol' pigskin around for a little bit.

And see that garden in the background? The one with the deer fence surround? I'm pretty sure DM only had to lift the little guy in there once to retrieve a stray pass. Let's count that as a win, shall we?

Meanwhile, I'm pretty sure DM had to retrieve the ball from the "woods" a few extra times...

Eventually, little H decided he wanted to play. Unfortunately for him he ended up playing Monkey in the Middle for the first several minutes.

He's running!

He's ready!


Yeah, ummm, no dice.

But look at that determination!!

Finally it is his time to shine.

It is possible...

... that he might need a little help on his technique.

But he still gets an A+ for cuteness.

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  1. We lost track of you for a bit there, thanks for visiting today. Little H is one cute little guy. Backyard, front yard - that's the crazy English language for you.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara