Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Grandfather Mountain :: Part Three

Things have been very busy around here! Both of us have been busy with work, etc and I can't believe I haven't finished posting about our trip to Grandfather Mountain! Don't worry, this is the last.... then you get to see beautiful Blowing Rock followed by family pictures from Roaring Gap! It's a good thing I'm obsessed with the mountains.... Okay, okay, I'll post about other things too since I'm pretty sure you mostly care about the puppy dogs :) In the meantime, if you don't hear from me it is because I have literally been buried in paperwork and filing. Send a personal assistant STAT!

Grandfather Mountain really is quite beautiful. It was terribly foggy on this day which was actually okay with us because it provided a different vista than we would have seen otherwise. It was quite interesting to watch the fog move across the mountains and once we were at the top of Grandfather we watched it come toward us and engulf the pinnacle. I tried to scare DM by telling him it was The Mist (since I think he read that book at too early an age and it left him shivering and scared...) but apparently he doesn't have residual PTSD from it and, at age 27, it was not scary at all. Color me depressed.

They have a really beautiful butterfly garden on the mountain and these photos you saw the other day were all taken there. I wish I could say that they were taken from our beautiful butterfly garden at our house.. but that would be a big fat lie. Although we have had tons of butterflies around the last few days! Love it!

The eagles they have at the "zoo" on the mountain are all rescues. I believe they come to the preserve if they have been shot or otherwise wounded and are unable to be returned to the wild. At the moment they only have one.

Personally I find eagles very fascinating and I love to see them soaring above. Until they try to dive bomb your boat with their razor sharp talons exposed and ready to rip the poor saps on the boat apart limb from limb. Have I told you that story? It is pretty shocking how scary a bird can be! :)


  1. Thanks for sharing more of this awesome trip!

  2. How gorgeous! The eagle pix are GREAT!
    The story about the boat sounds extremely scary, though!