Saturday, September 11, 2010

Blowing Rock, North Carolina

After we went to Grandfather Mountain we drove to nearby Blowing Rock. Which I love. It is so quaint and wonderful and if nothing else, look at their hanging baskets!

The little "tourist" section really is wonderful. It is a street of shops and restaurants with great small town feel and architecture.

Honestly, this is my kind of small town. It is very quaint and friendly but has maintained a different level of class than you sometimes are able to find in small Southern towns. I really love it... a lot.

Plus, the crisp mountain atmosphere is perfect for growing the most beautiful flowers.

They have a couple of b-e-a-utiful churches.

Take another look. Or don't. It's up to you.

Across the street is the Episcopalian Church. Their landscaping, which I did not adequately capture in the photos, is absolutely stunning. Very much the English country garden feel. Love, love, love it.


Again. Okay, I won't make you look at any more.

One of the reasons we went to Blowing Rock was for this restaurant. The Storie Street Grille. We've been there once before and DM developed a severe crush on their sweet potato fries topped with gorgonzola. And I mean severe. He used to talk in his sleep about how much he loved them. Okay, okay he didn't.

Or maybe he did and I didn't hear because I was asleep. You never know....

They do have excellent food. I ordered the lasagna, which was fantastic, and also enough food to feed the entire Blowing Rock population. But their food really is delicious!

Also? Did I mention their hanging baskets? Mine look pretty much the same way if you think dead brown twigs shooting in random directions out of a basket that hangs pathetically from the front porch looks the same as these (don't judge me!). If you do, you are also my new best friend. So come on by, new best friend, and gaze at my beautiful hanging basket bounty! It will be glorious!


  1. We have gotten really behind on blog reading and are doing catch up, but that allowed us to read your Grandfather Mountain and Blowing Rock stories back to back. We love The Rock, too, though it has been a while since we were last there.

    By the way, our hu-dad HAS walked the old bridge at Grandfather many years ago.

  2. Please share more!

    We love to see beautiful pics like that!